Over the years, FOSA has been blessed by the participation of people who have made extraordinary contributions to the group. In many cases, such people have been publicly thanked by FOSA through the awarding of Certificates of Appreciation. In some cases, however, either a Certificate hadn't been awarded, or it was felt that some type of additional recognition was warranted.

Such people have been written up in eulogies after their passing, or have been presented special awards when it was felt to be the "right" thing to do while they still lived. Many of these people are listed below.

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Bruce Greene
Dan Cruson
Don Rankin
Brian Jones
Mae Johnson
George B. "Pete" Kinsella
Dr. Henri "Hank" Robert Coppes
Frederic W. Warner III
June Cooke
John J. Spaulding
Dave Cooke
Walter Landgraf
Douglas F. Jordan