Beginning in 2004, FOSA has awarded Certificates of Appreciation to members who have made outstanding contributions to the organizationís mission. From time to time it has also issued special Certificates, separate from the Appreciation certificates, again to remember and honor member's activities in support of FOSA.

In order that the names of the recipients and their contributions be remembered, they are being recorded below.

Click on any of the recipient's names to see its page, and to "walk" through the awards from that point.

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* all recipients
2021 (Due to Covid-19, award presentation deferred until 2022 Annual Meeting)
2020 Richard Hughes   and   Dreda Hendsey (special)
2019 Mandy Ranslow
2018 Scott Brady   and   Dr. Don Rankin
2017 Amelia "Amy" Mariotti   and   Carol West
2016 Paul Scannell
2015 Cynthia Redman   and   Joan McCarthy
2014 Paulette Buchanan
2013 Roger Thompson
2012 Jim Hall
2011 Dreda Hendsey
2010 Bruce Greene   and   June Cooke (special)
2009 Dick LaRosa
2008 Mae Johnson   and   Kris Keegan
2007 Mike Raber   and   Gary Nolf
2006 Bonnie Beatrice   and   Ken Beatrice
2005 John Spaulding   and   Dave Cooke
2004 Leanne Harty   and   June Cooke
2003 Luci Fernandes (special)