iCRV Information and FOSA Collaboration

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Beginning in late November, 2018, internet radio station iCRV ( internet Connecticut River Valley, at  https://www.icrvradio.com/, ) began discussions concerning the possibility of collaborating on a series of monthly radio shows, with the intent of highlighting the archaeological heritage of Connecticut and the efforts of OSA, FOSA and other archaeological groups to examine, understand and preserve it. This would be done under the general heading of "Connecticut Archaeology" on the iCRV website.

It was felt that this would be of benefit to both groups. FOSA personnel have been highlighted in previous iCRV shows, though these discussions have been 1-off's and not necessarily part of an overall theme.

Following approval of the concept by the FOSA Board of Directors, work is currently moving forward on determining subjects of each of the monthly shows, as well as venue and participants. Where possible, we'll try to include images of artifacts and the layout of the site(s) being discussed. Once the shows have been aired, they would be available in the iCRV archives for about 3 months, after which we'd migrate copies of them to the FOSA website for more permanent storage and access.

It's hoped that in this way, the profiles of both Connecticut archaeology and iCRV can be raised, to the betterment of all involved.

To access recordings of the shows which have been aired, and the tentative titles of upcoming shows, please click "Past iCRV Shows" above.

For those not familiar with iCRV, the following documents have been made available for posting on the FOSA website:

  > Click Introducing iCRV for information on the story of the radio and its mission.

  > Click Things of Note for interesting tidbits of information on the station.

  > Click Listener Info for information on the listener audience that the station attracts.

  > Click Advertising Rates for information on the advertising rate packages used by iCRV as of May, 2018.

  > Contact Information: General Manager: Dave Williams
  Email:   david@icrvradio.com
  Address:   108 Main Street
P.O. Box 585
Ivoryton, CT 06442
  Studio Telephone:  860-526-iCRV (4278)
  Mobile Telephone:  646-588-8302