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Basic information on FOSA, its history, and mission.

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Brings up the list of pages grouped under "Research Aids".

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About Us
Information on the responsibilities of the Office of State Archaeology and how the Friends organization helps.

Annual Meetings
Provides access to photos and descriptions of FOSA Annual Meetings, beginning with the 2008 meeting. Highlights of the meeting, as well as descriptions of the featured speaker are presented.

Article Reprints
Reprints of selected FOSA Newsletter and other articles, concentrating on those articles of general interest.

Archaeology Awareness Month
Information on Archaeology Awareness Month, since 2012 when FOSA began coordinating activities for it.

ASC Collaboration
Information on FOSA's increasing level of collaboration and cooperation with the Archaeological Society of Connecticut (ASC).

Board of Directors
A list of the FOSA Board of Directors.

The latest brochure being handed out at events where FOSA has a table/display.

Certificates of Appreciation
Facsimilies of the Certificates of Appreciation that are awarded to FOSA members at our annual meetings.

Committees and Committee Members
A list of the various Committees and their members. Members do not have to be members of the Board of Directors to be listed here.

Contact Us
Provides the e-mail addresses by which to contact the FOSA president and this web site's webmaster. (This is the bottom of the Home Page.)

Cooke Scholarship Info
Provides a link where you can access information on a scholarship established in the name of June and Dave Cooke, which is intended to encourage those students, majoring in archaeology at the MA or Ph. D. level, to do work in Connecticut archaeology

Cooke Scholarship Awardees
Brings up an index of Cooke Scholarship awardees, by Award Year.

Did You Know...
Presents all 31 "Did You Know" facts in a standard walk-thru/slide-show format, which normally change once each day and recycle each month, on the Home page.

Digs: FOSA Excavation Policy
Defines the types of work FOSA Volunteers will participate in (or not), while representing FOSA.

Digs: Frequently Asked Questions
A list of the most frequently-asked questions concerning digs, including how to participate, what to bring, what not to do, and so forth.

Digs: Site Activities
Lead-in to separate pages describing the fundamentals of archaeological field work along with pictures of FOSA and OSA personnel participating in these activities.

Dig Site Activities: 1. Site Review
Description of what goes into choosing a site to excavate.

Dig Site Activities: 2. Site Location and Geo-Physical Survey
Description and pictures of steps involved in evaluating the most promising areas in a site prior to beginning the excavation.

-- Dig Site Activities: 3. Test Excavations
Description and pictures of initial excavations, done to obtain a better understanding of the site and determine the most likely place(s) where artifacts might be found during formal excavations, by looking at selected areas of it beforehand.

-- Dig Site Activities: 4. Grid Layout
Description and pictures of laying out the grid pattern, which define the areas within which excavations will done and and how recovered artifacts will be documented spatially; and doing initial work within them.

-- Dig Site Activities: 5. Excavate, Level by Level
Description and pictures of the process of excavation of a site within the areas of the grid patterns previously laid out.

-- Dig Site Activities: 6. Screening
Description and pictures of screening, which is used to examine soil excavated which did not appear to contain artifacts when initially examined.

-- Dig Site Activities: 7. What Do We Find?
Description and pictures of the more close examination and documentation of artifacts during excavation, recording them in site for later analysis.

-- Dig Site Activities: 8. Laboratory Process and Report Writing
Description and pictures of the results of examination of recovered artifacts, as well as links to sites associated with the processing of artifacts, and results' presentations at events such as the FOSA Annual Meeting.

-- Dig Site Activities: 9. Site Preservation
Description of the final stage of field activity, in which the site itself is returned to its pre-excavation state.

-- Dig Site Activities: 10. Field Walks
Description and pictures of Field Walks, which -- while not a formal part of field work -- are engaged in by people on their own. Things to do, not to do, and what to look for.

-- Dig Site Activities: 11. Adult Field School
Description and pictures taken during one of the annual, weeklong Adult Field School fieldwork sessions hosted by State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni.

-- Dig Site Activities: 12. Student Field School
Description and pictures taken during one of the archaeological field school sessions with Glastonbury Middle School students, hosted by State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni.

-- Dig Site Activities: 13. Educators Field School
Information on the "Field School for Educators" offered by the CSMNH.

-- Dig Site Activities: 14. Veterans Field School
Information on the "Field School for Educators" offered by the CSMNH.

-- Dig Site Activities: 15. Selected Digs' Images
Images, taken by both FOSA members and in online news accounts, of excavations which were made available to the public via news reporting.

Field Paperwork Review
What to put into the fields on the Ezcavation Level Form.

Find A Town
Locate a Town on a map of Connecticut.

Storage place for original copies of forms used in FOSA activities.

Google Search
Provides a method of searching for items using Google, with the searches confined to just the FOSA web site or across the entire web.

Help Wanted
A list of positions which FOSA needs filled. Positions are non-renumerative.

iCRV Collaboration
Information on internet radio station iCRV, which FOSA is in discussions with about creating a "Connecticut Archaeology" series of talks.

iCRV CT Arch Shows
Listing of all iCRV "Archaeology in Connecticut" panel discussions and access to the recordings of the shows.

Introduction to Archaeology
A series of (former) PowerPoint images from a talk given by Nick Bellantoni as part of the Adult Field School sessions he leads each year.

Join Us / Donate
The FOSA Membership Application. This would be printed, filled out, and mailed to FOSA.

The Long Journeys Home
A discussion on iCRV radio by author Nick Bellantoni on the background and repatirations of Henry 'Opukaha'ia and Albert Afraid of Hawk, from New England graves to Hawaii and South Dakota respectively.

Meadowcroft Rockshelter Trip
Images taken by members of a trip to the Meadowcroft Rockshelter in Pennsylvania, which occurred October 10-12, 2014.

A link to a page of short-term items available, and to the Zazzle web site, where other FOSA "stuff" can be ordered.

Minors Protection Training
A PDF file describing steps to ensure that minors are protected while in our presence; in particular, preventing and documenting & reporting instances of suspected child abuse.

New England Vampire Folk Belief: The Archaeological Evidence
A talk by Nick Bellantoni discussing the evolving evidence of the causes of the belief in vampires and, more importantly, an identification of the one known person who had been thought to have been one, based on his condition in the ground and his skeletal remains, enhanced by DNA examinations.

Provides access to previous FOSA newsletters, which are published in the spring and fall of each year.

Newspaper Articles
Provides access to newspaper articles involving both the OSA (Brian Jones) and FOSA.

Nick Bellantoni's Retirement Picnic
A set of 52 images taken by Peter Bass, at the September 6, 2014, retirement picnic given by FOSA, in honor of his retirement from the position of CT State Archaeologist.

Other Groups' Flyers
A series of links to other web sites, which FOSA members may on occasion visit, which are handed out by those web sites' groups for explanatory purposes.) PowerPoint images from a talk given by Nick Bellantoni as part of the Adult Field School sessions he leads each year.

Presents a description of activities under the "Outreach" or "Public Events" heading, as well as selected images from different Outreach activities.

Page 15 QR's Target
(1 of 2) Companion reference material for Nick Bellantoni's book, And So the Tomb Remained.

2017 Plimoth Plantation Trip
Images taken during a tripto Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, MA, in 2017. Dr. Brian Jones provided commentary during the trip, and photographs were taken of the trip and points of interest.

Reference Books
A list of books, including those mentioned in bibliographies of reprinted articles, as well as other books of general interest.

Related Web Sites
Provides a listing of archaeological web sites, both in Connecticut and elsewhere, which have a connection to FOSA. The web sites are broken out into categories of 'Reference Materials' and 'General Interest.'

Eulogies and remembrance articles of former FOSA members who have passed away.

Skeletal Diagrams
(2 of 2) Companion reference material for Nick Bellantoni's book, And So the Tomb Remained.

Slavery in America and the Underground Railroad
A presentation by Dr. Don Rankin concerning Slavery and the Underground Railroad, based on his research into the activities of his ancestor Dr. John Rankin in Ripley, Ohio. Combines PowerPoint images (converted to HTML format) with associated text, and 2 optional recordings -- one taken during a presentation and the other a radio interview on the same subject.

Smiles at the Memories
A series of "zany photographs" taken at various times by various, unnamed people, showing a lighter side of FOSA.

Special Features Index
A list of special features associated with FOSA, such as awards and notable (and public) activities that FOSA members have participated in.

Submarine Turtle Reconstruction
A series of (former) PowerPoint images, plus related text, associated with the reconstruction of the submarine Turtle.

Upcoming Events
Provides a listing of upcoming events, of interest to FOSA members and the general public. Note that most field activities are not shown here: such events would be made known to FOSA individuals who have expressed an interest in doing Field Work, this for site=security purposes. Events for the previous month are also shown.

Volunteer Opportunities
Provides comprehensive descriptions of each of the "Interest Inventory" items listed on the Join Us page, as well as the email address of the FOSA Volunteer Coordinator.

Virtual discussions (generally ZOOM) of archaeology-related topics that we've been made aware of. These are not all specifically involvling FOSA or its members.

YouTube Videos
An index of short videos on YouTube, concerned with activities by the CT State Archaeologist and archaeologically-related subjects.

Site Map
A listing of all accessible FOSA-CT web site pages and a brief description of what's on them.