with CT State Archaeologist Dr. Brian Jones
(tentative schedule / topic / invited participants)

1. March 5. What Everyone Should Know About the Archaeology of Connecticut Brian Jones, Scott Brady, Don Rankin, Gary Nolf
2. April 2. The Templeton Site and Paleoindians of Connecticut (Templeton is the best researched 12,000 year old site in the state) Zac Singer, Cosimo Sgarlata, Brian Jones and Scott Brady
3. May 7. The early Archaic Period and life after the Ice Age in Connecticut Daniel Forrest, Brian Jones, David Leslie, Scott Brady
4. June 4. The [Middle] Archaic Period (a general discussion of Native American life in Connecticut between 9,000 and 3,000 years ago) Daniel Forrest, Brian Jones, Cosimo Scarlata, Scott Brady
5. July 2. The Terminal Archaic and Soapstone Quarries in Connecticut Bonnie Plourde, Marc Banks, Dan Forrest, Heather Cruz, Scott Brady
6. August 6. The Morgan Site, a Late Woodland Village in Rocky Hill (TBD)
7. September 3. THPOs (Tribal Historic Preservation Officers and Native American perspectives on Archaeology in Connecticut (TBD)
8. October 1. Early 17th Century Archaeology in Connecticut (TBD)
9. November 5. 18th Century Households (TBD)
10. December 3. African-American Archaeology (TBD)
11. January 7. Contract Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management in Connecticut (TBD)
12. February 4. The Office of State Archaeology and FOSA (TBD)
13. March 3. The State Historic Preservation Office (TBD)
14. April 7. Technology and Archaeology in Connecticut (TBD)
15. May 5. Underwater Archaeology in Connecticut (TBD)
16. June 2. Industrial Archaeology n Connecticut (TBD)
17. July 7. 20th Century Heritage in Connecticut (TBD)