A need exists for a backup to Jim Hall for the maintenance of the FOSA web site.

If you think you might be interested, the only prerequisite is that you must be a member of FOSA.

You need NOT have experience in designing or maintaining web sites.

Technically, what's used is HTML v-3 and a smattering of Javascript. Experience in these is NOT necessary either, however.

If you think you might be interested but don't have experience in the above, Jim is willing to teach you. The only out-of-pocket expense you may need is to purchase a copy of HTML: Your Visual Blueprint for Designing Effective Web Pages.

This manual was published in 2000 and can be still purchased online, for example, at Half Price Books for as little as $0.99. It's very hands-on, giving you examples you can code using; and is pretty much the only manual Jim has needed to create and maintain the site.

You should find that ours is not a technically complex website.

You will NOT need to purchase and learn a web development package (e.g., WordPress). Rather, coding is done using the text editor already on your PC (in Jim's case it's WordPad, though Notepad will also work for you Microsoft users). Word processing packages such as Word should not be used, as they may include many invisible formatting characters which would either be ignored by the HTML interpreter or compromise it.

Your ultimate responsibility would be to take over from Jim should he be unable to continue maintaining the site for any reason. That said, you would be expected to gain familiarity with the web site's design, content and presentation, and the coding done within it. This would be accomplished by reviewing the current website's pages, suggesting/making such minor changes as are felt appropriate, perhaps doing normal routine maintenance on selected pages, on up to creating your own pages or sections as opportunities arise. What is done, when it's undertaken and so forth would be worked out between you and Jim as time goes on.

Initial testing of changes would be done on your own PC, though Jim will retain responsibility for reviewing the changes before making the actual server updates.

Time requirements will vary considerably. Under normal circumstances Jim may spend as little as an hour a week or less updating the site; though at other times (e.g., for the Archaeology Awareness Month, at the Archaeology Fair, and after the Annual Meeting, all of which have their own pages) the time needed will increase.

Creation of new pages and Special Features segments also require more time, as might be expected. One of the best ways to learn or become acquainted with a web site is to actually update it, and Jim favors the learn-by-doing rather than the learn-by-being-told approach. Note, however, that "doing" includes making use of existing code/techniques wherever you can. This reduces development time and helps maintain consistency throughout the site. It's not "cheating" and it does work.

In 2015, changes to all of the HTML pages were made to make the site usable on mobile devices; however, repeats of such website-wide modifications are not anticipated.

If you think you might be interested, please email Jim by clicking .

Thank you!