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Of Interest to FOSA Members and the General Public

Note: At various times, you may find reference made to hikes given by the State Archaeologist in the list below.
To get an idea of what these are like, please access our YouTube Videos page.

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• 2015 Friends of Hammonassett Plant and Shrub Sale
When: Friday, May 6 thru June 7; 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: .3 miles east of the main entrance to Hammonasset Beach State Park on Rte 1.
What:The Friends of Hammonasset will hold their 15th annual Plant and Shrub Sale at Hammonasset Beach State Park beginning May 6th and running until June 7th, or when sold out. The sale begins with a large variety of premium hanging baskets, perennials, and weather permitting, 4” annuals and flats of bedding plants and vegetables. We also anticipate availability of shrubs at very competitive prices in time for Mother’s Day weekend.
The Friends of Hammonasset provides environmental education, works to preserve the Park’s natural resources and serves as an advocate for Hammonasset Beach State Park. Funds raised support Meigs Point Nature Center and a variety of Park projects. Additionally, the Friends of Hammonasset is committed to fund exhibits and furnishings for the newly proposed nature center to be constructed at Meigs Point near the present facility.
Cost: Folks are invited to support the sale by bringing potted perennials from their own gardens during the sale from 9am-5pm daily, 7 days a week.
For additional information or to voluneer: access the web site by clicking or call Don Rankin 203-245-9192 or email at Don Rankin.

• FOSA Walk: Tour of the Midway Railroad Roundhouse
When: Saturday, May 23; 10:00 AM
Where: Bluff Point State Park, Depot Road, Groton, CT
What: In the woods and under the brambles at Bluff Point State Park in Groton rest the remains of an important transportation facility that was located at the mid point between New York City and Boston. Given the name Midway, because of this central location on the Northeast rail corridor, the facility of the consolidated New Haven Line once contained a massive 20-stall railroad roundhouse and turntable, as well as a coal tower, sand houses, bunk houses, a hotel, ash pits, and an icing facility. Midway had over 20 miles of track, accommodating up to 70 complete 40-car freight trains. The Midway facility was once considered comparable to the famous Altoona Shops on the Pennsylvania Railroad. Today, scattered across the foundations of the roundhouse, service pits, and turntable are piles of cinder, coal, sand, and a handful of historical artifacts that tell the story of this once bustling transportation facility.
For additional information: please contact Cece Saunders at
> Sara Mascia, PhD, Vice President of Historical Perspectives and the author of the nomination for the Midway RR Roundhouse as an Archaeological State Preserve, will be the tour leader. Greg Kent, local railroad enthusiast who first alerted Nick Bellantoni to the presence of these foundations remains, will be on the tour, too. We will compare historic aerial photographs, railroad surveys, and 1904-1905 construction photographs to what is left on the surface at Bluff Point State Park.
> To access the web site of the Bluff Point State Park, please click Bluff Point.
> Fee: free.
> While primarily a FOSA event, members of the public will not be turned away.

• FOSA Walk: Tour of the Portland Nike Missle Site
When: Saturday, June 13; 12:15 PM
Where: Portland Public Library, 20 Freestone Avenue, Portland, CT (for talk, then proceed to site)
What: FOSA Members are invited to attend a site talk and tour of the Portland Nike Missile Site with Bob Stewart, Industrial Archaeologist on Saturday June 13, 2015. A talk will precede the walk from 12:15-1:00 pm at the Portland Public Library. Attendees will then drive to the site, and directions will be provided at the talk. Please wear study, closed-toed shoes for the hike, and bring sunscreen, bug spray, and water.
> Please RSVP to Bob at
> To access the web site of the Portland Nike Missile Site, please click Portland Nike Site.
> To see a video of the site on YouTube, please click Portland Nike Site Video.
> Fee: free.
> While primarily a FOSA event, members of the public will not be turned away.

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"History Channel: MysteryQuest: Hitler's Escape with Dr. Nick Bellantoni"

When: repeated at various times during 2015.
              check your local listings!

Where: History Channel
What: Former CT State Archaeologist Nick Bellantoni was requested by the History Channel to travel to both Germany and Moscow to study the remains which are said to be those of Adolph Hitler. It was a tremendous adventure for Dr. Bellantoni; and good reviews for UConn as well. Watch the History Channel to hear the whole story!


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