Of Interest to FOSA Members and the General Public

Note: At various times, you may find reference made to hikes given by the State Archaeologist or other FOSA members in the list below.
To get an idea of what these are like, please access our YouTube Videos page.

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Tentative Field Work Schedule for 2018.

Please note that this schedule is tentative, and subject to change at any time.

FOSA members who have expressed an interest in field work will be notified of particulars as the date approaches.

> If you are a FOSA member and might nevertheless like to contribute in the work, please contact Scott at fosa.ct@gmail.com.
> If you are not a FOSA member, to participate you must first join FOSA. To do so, please access the 'Join Us' page by clicking here. Normal cost for joining is $25.
> For those new to field work, please be aware that there may be limited time available for instructional purposes.

FOSA members who have an interest in helping out at the FOSA Outreach Table
can locate events where the Table will be set up at. If you would like to help out at one of these events and haven't been contacted by the FOSA Outreach Coordinator, you can get the particulars by sending an email to fosaoutreach@hotmail.com.

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• Nick Bellantoni to Share 'Deeply Human' Archeology Stories : "The Long Journeys Home"

At various times during the remainder of 2018 and into 2019, Dr. Nicholas Bellantoni will be giving talks on his new book, The Long Journeys Home: The Repatriations of Henry 'Opukaha'ia and Albert Afraid of Hawk. Detailed information on Nick's talks can be found by clicking here.
Following is a list of dates and locations where the talks will be held.
(Asterisked items: Venue will purchase and have books available.)


12 East Hampton Public Library, 105 Main St. #1, East Hampton, CT, 1:00PM   Info: http://engagedpatrons.org/.../ or call 860-267-6621.
17 East Hartford Public Library, 840 Main St., East Hartford, CT, 7:00PM   Info: https://www.easthartfordct.gov/library or call 860-291-7100.
22 First Church of Christ Congregational, 2183 Main Street, Glastonbury, CT, 7:30PM   Info: http://www.glastonburyfirst.org/calendar-happenings-photos or call 860-633-4641.
26 - Waterford Public Library, 49 Rope Ferry Road, Waterford, CT, 3:00PM   Info: https://www.waterfordct.org/library or call 860-444-5805.


10 - Darien Historical Society, 45 Old Kings Highway North, Darien, CT, 3:00PM   Info: http://www.darienhistorical.org/home or call 203-655-9233.
12 - Windsor Historical Society, 96 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT, 7:00PM   Info: https://windsorhistoricalsociety.org/.../ or call 860-688-3813.
14 - Norwalk Community College Archaeology Club, 188 Richards Ave, Norwalk, CT, 8:00PM   Info: contact Ernie Wiegand at NCC, at 203-857-7000.


  5 Torrington Historical Society, 192 Main St, Torrington, CT, 6:30PM   Info: http://www.torringtonhistoricalsociety.org/ or call 860-482-8260.

Cornwall Historical Society
WSHU, Public Radio, Sacred Heart University
Stanley Whitman House, Farmington
Edith Wheeler Library, Monroe
CSMNH Fund-Raiser, UConn

• Conference / Symposium: Society for Historical Archaeology, Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology, St. Charles, MO

When: Wednesday January 9 - Saturday January 12, 2019
For detail information, please click here.

• Archaeology Road Show

When: Thursday, February 7, 7:00 PM
Where: 29 West Avenue, Essex, CT
What: Join FOSA members Gary Nolf and Don Rankin in their latest offering of the "Archaeology Road Show." Their subjects will include the geology of Connecticut and how it impacted Native Americans living there, the activities and methods of the area's hunters and gatherers, and a discussion of the Pequot War.
Cost: Free and open to the public.
For information: please contact Goode Bird at 860-797-9763.
Sponsored by: the Potapaug Audubon Society and the Essex Land Trust

• Conference / Symposium: Mid-Atlantic Archaeological Conference, Ocean City, MD

When: Thursday March 21 - Sunday March 24, 2019
For detail information, please click here.

When: Saturday March 23, 2018 - business meeting starts at 1:00PM, guest speaker at 2:00PM (no snow date)
Where: Farmington High School, 10 Montieth Drive, Farmington, CT
What: As detailed information becomes available it will be posted here.

• Conference / Symposium: Society for American Archaeology 84th Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM

When: Wednesday April 10 - Sunday April 14, 2019
For detail information, please click here.

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"History Channel: MysteryQuest: Hitler's Escape with Dr. Nick Bellantoni"
When: repeated at various times during 2018. Check your local listings!
Where: History Channel
What: Former CT State Archaeologist Nick Bellantoni was requested by the History Channel to travel to both Germany and Moscow to study the remains which are said to be those of Adolph Hitler. It was a tremendous adventure for Dr. Bellantoni; and good reviews for UConn as well. Watch the History Channel to hear the whole story!

• "Travel Channel: Mysteries At the Museum on Griswold Vampire Case
When: repeated at various times during 2018. Check your local listings!
Where: Travel Channel
What: The "Griswold Vampire Case" began with the uncovering of 29 graves in an abandoned cemetery set in a now-eroding rock pit. In one of the graves the bones had been rearranged, following an exhumation of the deceased. Looking into this more deeply, Nick became involved in vampire legends which existed in eastern Connecticut and western Rhode Island, especially in the late-18th to late 19th centuries. It turned out that these kinds of exhumations and bone-rearrangings were an attempt by people whose families were being devastated by tuberculosis, who trying to save their families using beliefs and methods originating from eastern Europe.
For additional information: Do a Google search on "vampires" to find items on this within this web site, including a video of a talk given by Nick at Quinnipiac University in 2013 and a book, Food For the Dead, in which additional background information is provided.

"Science Channel: Secrets of the Underground: "Secret History of the New World"
When: available after original airing on Science Channel, at https://www.sciencechannelgo.com/
Where: Science Channel
What: Dr. Jones will be appearing in the Science channel show "Secrets of the Underground" premiering March 28 at 10:00 PM. The episode is entitled "Secret History of the New World." Dr. Jones will be providing context on the Gungywamp ruins in Groton.

"various (PBS, Science Channel): "Secrets of the Dead: "Jamestown's Dark Winter"
What: A program discussing the 1609 winter at Jamestown, and the suffering and cannibalism that occurred there; Dr. Robert Owsley (ref. 2015 Annual Meeting) is featured in the episode. The episode is also available on Amazon as a video; see "Jamestown's Dark Winter".


Conference on New England Archaeology

CT Archaeology Center / Office of State Archaeology

Connecticut Gravestone Network (Facebook)

Connecticut State Museum of Natural History

Ellington Historical Society

Friends of Center Cemetery

Friends of Hammonassett

Historical Society of Glastonbury

Institute for American Indian Studies

Litchfield Hills Archaeology Club

Madison Historical Society

Museum of Connecticut Glass

Scranton Memorial Library